Write Seo Friendly Article Tips & Tricks Step By Step For Beginner

Write Seo Friendly Article

Write Seo Friendly Article. In this post i will show you How to Write Seo Friendly Article Tips & Tricks Step By Step For Beginner. This post is helpful for all blogger to create a Seo friendly article. All seo content writing tips are share in this post. Write Seo Friendly Article.

For Create A Seo Friendly Article You Need Few Many Steps. Any type of mistake your article will not get seo.

So Follow My All Suggested Step:

Step 1: keyword Research:

Must be be find a targeted Keyword. Find 1 Main Keyword and 5-7 Sub keyword. (My Personal Effective tricks). Find best targeting content writing keywords.

For Find Keyword you can use Free or Paid Keyword Research Tool. You can use Google keyword planner tool. Its full free. If you use paid tool you can use Ahrefs. content writing keywords

After Find Out You Can go to step 2

Step 2: SEO Friendly Title:

Title is very important for create a best seo Article. To Create a seo friendly title Enter your main keyword in your title. I will recommend you your main keyword enter your title Start.

Recommend title length is 50-60 word. Dont Create your title less than 50 word & more than 60 word.

Step 3: SEO Friendly Article:

We know that CONTENT IS KING. So we need to create a unique & seo friendly article. So write a content more than 500 word. Dont write less then 500 word. Because off low word content rank slowly. So write more than 500 word &  get first rank.

Step 4: Keyword Placement:

When write your content must be place your targeting keyword. Place your Main Keyword in starting. Is your content is 500 word enter your main keyword minimum 4 times & maximum 5 time. For 1000 word enter your main keyword minimum 8 times & maximum 10 times. For every extra 500 word added  3.

In your Post place your all sub keyword, every sub keyword minimum 2 times.

Step 5: Upload Optimize Image:

Must be upload a optimize image. Optimize image size is 1024 x 800 pixels If you use WordPress you can use Image optimizer tool.

Step 6: Internal Linking:

Must be enter a internal link in your post. Inter link means Your other post link in this website. Recommended is inter your previous post.

Step 7: Outbound Link:

Enter a outbound link. Outbound link means others website link. Like youtube.com. Its a outbound link.

Step 8: Add Meta Descriptions:

Add your meta description. Its length minimum 120 word & maximum 150 word. Dont enter more than 150 word.

I want to say all blogger this seo content writing tips is very helpful for you. how to write seo friendly blog posts in this post i am share properly. Write Seo Friendly Article and rank your post.

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